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What is an Accelerator?


Hopscale is a startup accelerator. That means it is different from an incubator, or a shared workspace.

We define “startup accelerator” in the same way that YCombinator in Silicon Valley defines it. We invest in your team so that you can put all your efforts into growing your startup in the next 3 months. We’ll help you along the way as you build your product and test it in the market. At the end of the 3 months you may not need further investing, but if you do then we will help you connect with and present to the next step of investors.

We invest in, and help, only startup teams that we think have the right stuff to succeed.  Our incentives become the same as yours because we become shareholders in your business. We take equity but we do not charge for our programme.

Many startups will not fit our model: we invest $10-20K in your business for 5-10% in equity ownership. That $10-20K goes to pay your expenses for 3 months so you can build a first version of your product, and prove that people want to use it, such that you could attract further investment (if you wanted to take investment).

We are open to all sorts of startup teams and ideas, but generally we look for three things:

1, Your idea. It uses technology to solve a problem experienced by many people. The best problems are focused, because that way it is easier to have the best solution for it in the world. Read more…

2, Your team. It’s 2-4 people, who can work full time over the 3 month period. Your team’s overwhelming focus should be on building something that people want to use. You should believe strongly in your idea, but equally strongly in getting early versions of that idea out to customers quickly for feedback, and using that feedback to refine your idea.

3, Scalability. This means your idea can be used globally with a delivery model that is simple. Getting your first 100 users can be manual, getting your first 100,000 users should use automation. Read more…

If you’re interested in this model please reach out and talk to us. If you want to find out more about startup accelerators follow the links below, or checkout our Global Accelerator or Blog tabs.

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