Hopscale wants to help you to accelerate your startup idea.

We help you with your startup through connecting you to a community of other startups, mentors, advisors and investors. At the start of our programme we make an equity investment in your startup company.

We strongly believe the startups benefit from a supportive community and we’re here to help build that community and connect startups to it.

“A key insight is to see new ventures as paper-thin operations. Startups are neither self-sufficient nor vertically integrated. A startup needs a ton of help from outside the company. Indeed most startups are best served to focus — and innovate — upon one thing. Except for the startup’s one thing, its many needs are filled from sources that exist outside the startup. A startup commonly obtains financing, mentorship, legal, accounting, development and other specialized input from outside the company.

When you see how thin a startup actually is, and how much it leans on external help, the essential role of a startup community becomes clear. In fact, it is fair to say that the community is necessarily part of the startup”.

……… Brad Bernthal, 2013.


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